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Vivid Extreme for Lightroom – New Lightroom Presets now Available

I’m delighted to announce that my latest set of develop module presets for Lightroom, “Vivid Extreme” is now available. Vivid Extreme was one of the first set of presets that I had originally made and put on sale for Aperture and I’ve finally brought out a Lightroom version. The idea behind Vivid Extreme is simple. Take the idea of the typical “Vivid” settings in most cameras and push it to the Extreme. I wanted to create a look that wasn’t so much a throwback to the days of film, but instead embraced modern digital imaging. I also wanted to emulate the “high saturation” look that is popular among some artists.

Vivid Extreme comes with a variety of different looks. They were named after the types of images that I was optimising them for when I was developing them, although they will all work reasonably well on different types of images, so the names are more like code-names! The looks also vary in strength for creating degrees of vividness! In some ways, with this set, I was trying to achieve with colour what monolith did for black and white. The pack also includes a set of “Setup” presets designed to set a few things up depending on your camera manufacturer and help speed up your workflow. I’ve also included a set of modifiers, vignettes and a few graduated filters to help bring out punchy skies.

Vivid Extreme is a more focussed and smaller pack than my previous ones, and it doesn’t include the elaborate “Thomas’s Toolbox” so it’s cheaper. It will be €10 but I’m having a special launch sale, so you you can get it for the next two weeks for €8.

Rather than waffle on about it, let me show you what it can do. Here are some examples of Vivid Extreme in use, followed by a “Before and After” video so you can see just how much of an effect it’s having. For more examples see the preset details in the store.





_DSC0125 (2)

_DSC0160 (1)


_DSC0016 (2)

_DSC0012 (2)

_DSC0059 (2)

_DSC0086 1


A Lone Red Tulip


Before and After:

There are lost more sample images and more details over on the product page.