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Some More Examples of FilmLUX in Action

Low Sun on Georgetown Street - FilmLUX Lightroom Presets

I wanted to demonstrate some examples of my recently announced Film Lux Lightroom presets in action on an actual project, so a recent trip into my archive provided a nice opportunity. I was going through some old images, and I was re-processing some that I wasn’t happy with originally.

This particular set is from a trip I trip I took to Washington DC a few years ago, and in particular to the beautiful suburb of Georgetown. It was late in the evening and it was a particularly beautiful sunny day. For the full story behind these images, see this post on my Photo Journal blog.

These photos are all processed using FilmLUX for Lightroom, and they are mostly using either the slide presets or the negative presets. I did some further tweaking using the additional grain presets supplied. Click on the image to view larger.

For more details on FilmLUX please see the product page here in the store.