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Steely Blue for ACR

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“Steely Blue” is a set of presets for Adobe Camera Raw, designed to bring out detail and enhance the colours in an image without creating a style that looks too much like a special effect. The look also enhances the dynamic range of the picture to which it is applied, by compressing the highlights and enhancing shadow detail. It’s called “Steely Blue” because it has a tendency to bring out the blues in an image and it reminded me of certain movies which use a similar palette.


Steely Blue for Adobe Camera Raw is a Digital Download product. You can download a zip file containing the presets after you’ve completed the purchase. We do not ship physical products.

System Requirements

Steely Blue requires a Mac or PC running Adobe Camera Raw 8.1.1 and Photoshop CC or later. You must have a computer capable of running this version of Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.


You should also have a working knowledge of Photoshop and basic computer operations such as copying files and folders.

Steely Blue includes extensive documentation in PDF format. If you have a PC you will need Adobe Reader installed to read the documentation.


The preset pack was created as a whole toolset to speedily add impact and the Steely Blue look to your images with as little effort as possible. The looks and tools contained in the pack work together so that with a few clicks you can get your images 90% of the way to being complete. The pack contains a number of variations on the main Steely Blue look, with different strengths, and each variation has a number of sub variations with different strength vignettes. While the vignette is an integral part of the look, as the amount needed depends on the image, there are two variations included as well as a third version with no vignette. The pack also contains a black and white look based on a similar technique, and also a variation that creates a bleached bypass type effect.

The Differences between the Camera Raw Version and the Lightroom Version

If you have the Lightroom version you may notice a few differences between it and the ACR version (this version). The Camera Raw version does not include the Grad tools or the Radial Vignettes (created using the radial tool). The reason for this is because that, while the Adobe Camera Raw tool has both the linear and radial gradient tool included, you cannot save them as part of a preset. There are separate presets for these tools, but to include those specialist presets would make instillation very difficult and significantly decrease the usability of the presets.

The other change is that some of the presets are named differently. The primary reason for this is that preset names in Camera Raw are limited to a small number of characters, so some of the more descriptive names used in the Lightroom version had to be re-named for this Camera Raw version.

Some Examples of Steely Blue in Action

A Before and After Demo Video

This is based on the Lightroom Version. The results are the same in the ACR version

What’s Included in Steely Blue for ACR

Main Looks

Steely Black
Steely Black +V
Steely Black +VV
Steely Blue Bleached
Steely Blue Bleached +V
Steely Blue Bleached +VV
Steely Blue Canon
Steely Blue Canon +V
Steely Blue Canon +VV
Steely Blue Lite
Steely Blue Lite +V
Steely Blue Lite +VV
Steely Blue Polarised
Steely Blue Polarised +V
Steely Blue Polarised +VV
Steely Blue Sat
Steely Blue Sat +V
Steely Blue Sat +VV
Steely Blue Std
Steely Blue Std +V
Steely Blue Std +VV
Steely Blue Strong
Steely Blue Strong +V
Steely Blue Strong +VV

Setup Presets

–Setup Panasonic Alt
–Setup Sony Alt
–Setup Sony Basic
–Setup Canon
–Setup Fuji Velvia
–Setup Nikon D700
–Setup Nikon D700 Vivid
–Setup Nikon Standard
–Setup Nikon Vivid


SBT – Default Colours
SBT – Polarised Colours
SBT – Polarised Strong Colours
SBT – Steely Blue Colours
SBT – Grain 1
SBT – Grain 2
SBT – Grain 3
SBT – Grain 4
SBT – Grain 5
SBT – Grain 6
SBT – Light – Default
SBT – Light – Pull
SBT – Light – Push
SBT – Vignette – Light
SBT – Vignette – Medium
SBT – Vignette – Strong
SBT – Vignette – Off

Some General Note about Presets

Not all images are suitable for all presets. Some images just wont produce pleasing results and won’t be appropriate for the type of presets you may be trying to use, depending on the subject matter.

It is also important to note that any preset won’t be a magic bullet. Presets should be considered as a starting point. More often than not images may require additional adjustments after applying presets. Sometimes you will need to adjust exposure or brightness and contrast depending on your image. When trying presets, consider making a duplicate the version that you’re working on so you don’t loose any adjustments you’ve already made, or make use of Lightroom’s snapshot feature.


If you are having difficulties installing the ACR presets or have any questions please visit the support page for details.


Steely Blue Presets are copyright ©2014 Thomas Fitzgerald Photography. They may not be re-sold, shared or otherwise distributed without prior written permission.