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Lightroom Presets – Collection 2016

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Lightroom Presets – Collection 2016 is a bundle of all my Lightroom Presets to date for 2016, including everything that’s in Lightroom Presets Bundle 1 and 2. NOTE: It does not contain any presets released in 2017 and later.

Lightroom Presets – Collection 2016 is a Digital Download product. You can download a collection of zip files containing the presets after you’ve completed the purchase. We do not ship physical products.


Our Lightroom Presets requires a Mac or PC running Lightroom 6.1 or later, or Lightroom CC 2015.1 or later. You must have a computer capable of running this version of Lightroom.

You should also have a working knowledge of Lightroom and basic computer operations such as copying files and folders.

The Lightroom Presets bundle includes extensive documentation in PDF format. If you have a PC you will need Adobe Reader installed to read the documentation.

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Lightroom Presets – Collection 2016 is a bundle of all my Lightroom Presets to date for 2016, including everything that’s in Lightroom Presets Bundle 1 and 2. You can save €10 by buying the complete collection. It does not contain any presets released in 2017 and later.

This bundle contains the following Presets:

(For more information about the individual presets, see the individual LightroomPreset product page)

From Lightroom Presets Bundle 2

QuickLux 2 for Lightroom

QuickLUX 2 is a set of creative colour filmic presets for Lightroom. The set was inspired by various film like styles that are popular. These looks are artist impressions of these various film styles, rather than trying to emulate exact film stocks. There are more details below about the individual styles that are included in QuickLUX 2

MonoLUX for Lightroom

MonoLux is a set of black and white presets for Lightroom. The set was designed with the aim of creating a rich but natural black and white filmic feel. Within the pack are 10 variations with some extra special effects presets. This set also comes with separate Grad, Grain and Vignette presets, as well as set-up presets to help speed up you’re workflow.

Film Candy 2 for Lightroom

Film Candy 2 is a set of creative presets for Lightroom designed to give your digital images a look as if they had been shot on old or creatively processed film. Rather than try to emulate specific stocks or processes, Film Candy 2 is an artistic impression of various looks, painstakingly crafted by hand. The effects cover a range of traditional styles normally associated with shooting film as well as original interpretations of vintage film looks. The presets cover styles from faded tinted effects, to presets with a more film like contrast, and even some creative desaturated looks. There are 40 main styles included in Film Candy 2

Bleached Bronze for Lightroom

Bleached bronze for Lightroom is a set of artistic effect presets for Lightroom, designed to give your images a bronze look. The idea is to give your images a warm, earthy toned metallic look, while still retaining some colour for a creative, cinematic effect.

Coffee Tones for Lightroom

Coffee Tones is a new set of Lightroom Presets designed to give your images a creative coffee coloured look. There are a number of effects in this pack inspired by the look of coffee in both colour and black and white. All have some variation of warm earthy coffee coloured tones.

FilmLUX for Lightroom

FilmLUX is a set of carefully created film like presets for Lightroom. These Lightroom presets were designed to look similar to scanned film, and are artistic impressions of various film stocks rather than exact emulations. Also included is a set of Grain simulation presets inspired by real world grain from scanned film.

From Lightroom Presets Bundle 1

Steely Blue for Lightroom

“Steely Blue” is a set of presets for Lightroom designed to bring out detail and enhance the colours in an image without creating a style that looks too much like a special effect. The look also enhances the dynamic range of the picture to which it is applied, by compressing the highlights and enhancing shadow detail. It’s called “Steely Blue” because it has a tendency to bring out the blues in an image and it reminded me of certain movies which use a similar palette.

For more information on Steely Blue see the Steely blue product page.

Landscape Gold for Lightroom

Landscape Gold is a set of Lightroom presets designed to give your images a golden hue. It creates a look which aims to mimic the effect of bright golden sunshine that is often seen in warmer climates early in the morning or late in the afternoon. While it is primarily designed for landscapes it works well with other types of image too.

For more information on Landscape Gold see the product page.

Vivid Extreme for Lightroom

Vivid extreme is a set of Lightroom Presets designed to give your images an artistic saturated look. It was inspired by the traditional digital “Vivid” look that is often sought after, and also the artistic style of a saturated or over-saturated image. Unlike some of my other presets, Vivid Extreme is not trying to emulate film or give your images a film look. Instead the desire was to create a set of looks that fully embraced the modern world of digital imaging and create an original stylistic look based on the present rather than try and re-invent the past.

For more information on Vivid Extreme for Lightroom please see the product page.

Monolith for Lightroom

Monolith is a new preset pack for Lightroom designed to create a wide variety of Black and White Looks. Monolith includes 14 Main looks, each with 4 variations, along with 3 Special effect presets and 22 Tool Presets which work as modifiers to the main presets. The Black and White looks vary from High Contrast looks to faded black and white looks to very low contrast faded looks. Some of the presets include gradients as part of the presets to darken skies, and are designed with Landscapes in mind. Monolith 12 is designed to emphasise flesh tones by making them whiter and to stand out against other colours which will be darker.

For more information about Monolith for Lightroom, please see the product page.

Quick Lux for Lightroom

Quick Lux is set of Lightroom presets, that unlike some other presets this set is designed to be less of a special effect, and more of an every day work tool. The idea behind Quick Lux is simple. I found myself applying the same set of adjustments to images over and over so I wanted a set of starting points that I could apply quickly that would get my images in the ball park before I took them further. And thus Quick Lux was born.

For more information about Quick Lux for Lightroom please see the product page

Film Candy for Lightroom

Film candy for Lightroom is a set of Lightroom presets designed to create a stylised image based on the look of expired and instant film. It was originally inspired by the popularity of plastic cameras that became popular and the smart phone apps that followed. Unlike some other presents however, film candy is not designed to try and emulate old and used film, or even the smartphone filters that have become popular. Instead, Film candy is an artistic interpretation of those effects. Rather than try to emulate film, it is instead “inspired” by various film looks.

For more information on Film Candy for Lightroom please see the product page.

Important Notes about the Bundle

For examples of the presets in action please see the individual product pages. The Bundle contains the same exact preset files that you would get if you downloaded the presets individually, and so contains 6 individual zip files containing each of the preset packs and their respective documentation. Some of the packs contain a set of additional tools called “Thomas’s Toolbox”. If you purchase the bundle you only need to install these once. Similarly some presets include a separate set of “Setup presets” – again, you only need to install these once.


Not all images are suitable for all presets. Some images just wont produce pleasing results and won’t be appropriate for the type of presets you may be trying to use, depending on the subject matter.

It is also important to note that any preset won’t be a magic bullet. Presets should be considered as a starting point. More often than not images may require additional adjustments after applying presets. Sometimes you will need to adjust exposure or brightness and contrast depending on your image. When trying presets, consider making a duplicate the version that you’re working on so you don’t loose any adjustments you’ve already made, or make use of Lightroom’s snapshot feature.


If you are having difficulties installing the Lightroom presets or have any questions please visit the support page for details.

For details of lightroom 7.3 compatibility see this tech support note.


Thomas’s Lightroom Presets are copyright ©2016 Thomas Fitzgerald Photography. They may not be re-sold, shared or otherwise distributed without prior written permission.