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Film Candy LUTs

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Film Candy is a set of LUTS designed by Thomas Fitzgerald to create a stylised image based on the look of expired and vintage film. LUTS stands for Look Up Table. They are small files which can be used in colour grading software for video or photography software to alter the colour and appearance of an image. These LUT versions of film candy are based on ad created from the Lightroom Presets of the same name, and are a collection of looks from from both Film Candy 1 and Film Candy 2 for Lightroom.This pack contains 75 LUTs

System Requirements

This is a digital download. You will download a Zip file containing instructions and the individual LUT files. You will need to be able to unzip the files in order to use them. You will also need a software package that can read .cube LUT files such as:

  • Final Cut Pro 10.4
  • Premiere Pro CC 2017 or Later
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Luminar 2018

Detailed system requirements are below.

Skill Level: Medium. This package is probably not suited to beginners. You should have experience with video editing or photography software and you should have experience with files and manually installing software.

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About Film Candy LUTs

Film Candy is a set of LUTS designed by Thomas Fitzgerald to create a stylised image based on the look of stylised and vintage film. Film candy is not designed to try and emulate specific film, or even software based filters. Instead, Film candy is an artistic interpretation inspired by those effects. In other words, rather than try to emulate certain film stocks, it is instead “inspired” by various film looks.

The History of Film Candy

Film Candy was the first digital product that I ever created, and it was originally developed for Apple’s Aperture. There were three releases of the original Aperture presets, and these were small packs containing a few presets each. When I switched entirely to Lightroom, I created Film Candy for Lightroom, which combines ideas from all three of the original Aperture versions, and creates similar looks for Lightroom.

These LUT versions of film candy are based on and derived from the Lightroom Presets of the same name, and are a collection of looks from from both Film Candy 1 and Film Candy 2 for Lightroom.

This pack contains 75 LUT files in the .cube format (These LUTS are created based on a REC 709 colour profile – although they should work with LOG and RAW files too, but may require some additional contrast and adjustment)

In Use

Here is a video demonstrating Film Candy LUTs in use

I’ve also created a short tutorial video which demonstrates how to use LUTs for still photography applications, and this covers Photoshop, Luminar 2018 and Affinity Photo:

Sample Pack

To try out these LUTs and to make sure that the format works for you, I have created a sample pack with 5 LUTS from the overall pack for you to try. You can use this to make sure you can use these before you buy.

Click here to download the Sample Pack

For instructions on using these if you’re unfamiliar with using LUTs, I have a section on my Help Centre with instructions.

A Note about LUTs

Not all images are suitable for all LUTs. Some images or video just wont produce pleasing results and won’t be appropriate for the type of LUTs you may be trying to use, depending on the subject matter. Material may often require additional adjustments after applying a LUT. Film Candy LUTs are a creative tool and are best experienced by working with the files and seeing which works best for the material.

System Requirements

LUTS are compatible with a wide range of software. They are mostly used for video and film colour grading, but they can equally be used for still photography. For video, the LUTS provided here have all been tested with Final Cut Pro X 10.4, Premiere Pro CC 2018. They should also work with DaVinci Resolve (Not tested). For still photography, they have been tested with Luminar 2018, Adobe Photoshop. They should also work with Affinity Photo(Not tested). In technical terms, Film Candy LUTS are in the .cube format and are .cube64 files, and so are compatible with any application that can read this format.

Provided as a .Zip file with LUTS in a folder and included documentation with basic instructions for FCPx, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Luminar. You should however have a basic understanding of colour grading and using these applications.


Direct technical support is only available for issues related to the purchase and download of this product. I will do my best to answer other questions, but I can not provide one on one lessons or guidance on how to use these LUTs. I have a comprehensive support website with lots of FAQ and other resources as well as a community forum at: https://tomfitzphoto.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

If you need to contact me for technical support go to the help centre and choose the option to Submit a request


Film Candy LUTs is copyright ©Thomas Fitzgerald Photography 2018. These products must not be shared, uploaded or re-sold in any way without prior written permission.