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Film Candy for Lightroom – Lightroom Presets

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Film candy for Lightroom is a set of presets designed by Thomas Fitzgerald to create a stylised image based on the look of expired and instant film. It was originally inspired by the popularity of plastic cameras that became popular and the smartphone apps that followed. Unlike some other presents however, film candy is not designed to try and emulate old and used film, or even the smartphone filters that have become popular. Instead, Film candy is an artistic interpretation of those effects. Rather than try to emulate film, it is instead “inspired” by various film looks.

Film Candy for Lightroom is a Digital Download product. You can download a zip file containing the presets after you’ve completed the purchase. We do not ship physical products.

Please check the system requirements and notes at the end of this page.


Film Candy in Action

What’s included with Film Candy ?

Film candy contains two folders full of Lightroom presets. The first is the main “Film Candy” set. This contains an extensive set of looks that you can apply to give you images a stylised grade. Some are more suitable for special effects and some are more useful for general purpose images. Film candy also includes a second set of presets that act as a set of tools to quickly apply common adjustments to an image. This is the set of tools that Thomas uses himself in his daily photography work and is called ”Thomas’s Toolbox”. It contains everything from commonly used Grads to vignettes, to quick setups for lens correction and sharpening.

Here is a complete list of all the presets included with this pack:



For a complete breakdown and detailed description of each preset see this page.

What’s with the name?

The idea behind the name started when Thomas was developing the original version for Aperture. The idea started as a kind of joke, based on the idea of candy you get when you go to the movies. As development progressed he started using various types of common sweets (candy) as codenamed for the various presets he was working on, and the idea stuck. Thus “Film Candy” was born.

 The History of Film Candy

Film Candy was originally developed for Aperture, and there have been three versions altogether. The original Aperture versions were small preset packs containing a few presets each. Film Candy for Lightroom combines ideas from all three of the original Aperture versions, and creates similar looks for Lightroom. Because of the differences in both applications, it’s not possible to get the looks exact, and so they are instead based on the same ideas rather than exact duplicates. The Lightroom version also contains an extensive set of tools that aren’t in the Aperture Version.

System Requirements

Film Candy requires a Mac or PC running Lightroom 5.2 or later. You must have a computer capable of running this version of Lightroom.

You should also have a good working knowledge of Lightroom and basic computer operations such as copying files and folders.

For Support and for Questions and Answers about film candy visitor the extensive support page.

For details of lightroom 7.3 compatibility see this tech support note.