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Bleached Bronze for Lightroom – Lightroom Presets

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Bleached bronze for Lightroom is a set of artistic effect presets for Lightroom, designed to give your images a bronze look. The idea is to give your images a warm, earthy toned metallic look, while still retaining some colour for a creative, cinematic effect.

Bleached Bronze for Lightroom is a Digital Download product. You can download a zip file containing the presets after you’ve completed the purchase. We do not ship physical products.

System Requirements

Bleached Bronze requires a Mac or PC running Lightroom 5.2 or later. You must have a computer capable of running this version of Lightroom.

You should also have a working knowledge of Lightroom and basic computer operations such as copying files and folders.

Bleached Bronze includes extensive documentation in PDF format. If you have a PC you will need Adobe Reader installed to read the documentation.


What’s Included

The Bleached Bronze Presets come in three main parts. The first is a set of “set-up” presets, designed to set your images to the correct profile based on your camera, and also to set some common settings such as turning on chromatic aberration reduction and automatic lens correction.

The second is the main Bleached Bronze presets themselves.

Finally the third part is another folder of presets called “Grad Grain and Vignette”. This contains a number of presets designed to add various grain effects, graduated filters and vignettes.


Examples of Bleached Bronze in Use


Complete List of Included Presets

Main Looks

Bleached Bronze Basic

Bleached Bronze Extreme 2

Bleached Bronze Extreme

Bleached HDR

Bleached Oomph












Setup Presets






–Setup-Nikon D700

–Setup-Nikon Standard

–Setup-Nikon Vivid D700



–Sony-A6000 *

Grad, Grain and Vignettes

–Zero Grads

Grad – Simple Sky

Grad Warm Light

Grad – Simple Sky

Grad WarmGrad – Sky Cool

Grad – Sky Darken Neutral Light Lower Thirds

Grad – Sky Darken Neutral Light

Grad – Sky Darken Neutral Strong Lower Thirds

Grad – Sky Darken Neutral Strong

Grad – Sky Gold

Grain – Zero Grain

Grain 1 – Heavy Soft Old Picture

Grain 2 – Strong Small Regular – Instant Film

Grain 3 – Smooth – Colour Print Film

Grain 4 – Medium Smooth – Trans Film

Grain 5 – Heavy Light – High Speed Film

Vignette – Soft Light

Vignette – Soft Medium

Vignette – Soft Strong

Vignette – Zero Vignette

Vignette Strong

* use for newer Sony cameras that have supplied Adobe profiles




Bleached Bronze is designed to work with RAW files, however it will work with JPEG files too, but may produce different results. Bleached Bronze does not use any special profiles, or camera specific versions, other than the included setup presets. As such it is compatible with all camera manufacturers. Bleached Bronze has been specifically tested with cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus and Panasonic.


Bleached Bronze is supplied with comprehensive “read-me” documentation to help you use and get the best from it. Some of the instructions assume a reasonable level of Lightroom knowledge, and may not be suited to absolute beginners. You can download the manual to see if it is suitable for you.

Some General Note about Presets

Not all images are suitable for all presets. Some images just won’t produce pleasing results and won’t be appropriate for the type of presets you may be trying to use, depending on the subject matter.

It is also important to note that any preset won’t be a magic bullet. Presets should be considered as a starting point. More often than not images may require additional adjustments after applying presets. Sometimes you will need to adjust exposure or brightness and contrast depending on your image. When trying presets, consider making a duplicate the version that you’re working on so you don’t loose any adjustments you’ve already made, or make use of Lightroom’s snapshot feature.


If you are having difficulties installing the Lightroom presets or have any questions please visit the support page for details.

For details of lightroom 7.3 compatibility see this tech support note.


Bleached Bronze Presets are copyright ©2015 Thomas Fitzgerald Photography. They may not be re-sold, shared or otherwise distributed without prior written permission.