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Steely Blue for Lightroom Now Available

Steely Blue - Lightroom Presets Demo Image

I’m delighted to announce that my latest set of Lightroom Presets, “Steely Blue” for Lightroom is now available. “Steely Blue” is a set of presets for Lightroom designed to bring out detail and enhance the colours in an image without creating a style that looks too much like a special effect. The look also enhances the dynamic range of the picture to which it is applied, by compressing the highlights and enhancing shadow detail.

There’s a long story behind Steely Blue, and it’s unusual name. I originally created the core look of this preset ages ago. In fact it was one of my first Lightroom presets that I created for myself. I’ve used this look extensively in my own work. The style actually came about by accident. I was working on a way to make images from my Nikon cameras have the traditional “Canon” colours (heresy, I know!) It was more to see if it could be done than anything. Anyway, the result ended up being something rather unique, and I really liked it. I found that on a lot of the initial images that I was using it, it gave them the cool steely look that was made popular in some science fiction movies (in particular those of James Cameron) and so I decided to call it steely blue.

It sat in my library of personal presets for ages, and I even made an Aperture version of it at one point and sold it on the Aperture blog. When I started doing Lightroom presets, I knew that I wanted to make Steely Blue into a proper product, and so, I saved it till last, as it is the one I use myself the most often, and the one that I’m really close to.

Steely Blue - Lightroom Presets Demo Image



Steely Blue - Lightroom Presets Demo Image

Steely Blue - Lightroom Presets Demo Image

Steely Blue - Lightroom Presets Demo Image

Steely Blue - Lightroom Presets Demo Image

Steely Blue - Lightroom Presets Demo Image

Steely Blue - Lightroom Presets Demo Image

Steely Blue - Lightroom Presets Demo Image

The normal price will be €10 but for the first two weeks (until the 24th August 2014) Steely Blue will be on sale for the special launch price of €8.

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Landscape Gold for Lightroom – now available

I’m delighted to announce the launch of my latest set of Lightroom presets, “Landscape Gold for Lightroom”. Landscape Gold is designed to give your images a golden hue. It creates a look which aims to mimic the effect of bright golden sunshine that is often seen in warmer climates early in the morning or late in the afternoon. While it is primarily designed for landscapes it works well with other types of image too.

There are four main versions of Landscape Gold. The names are based on popular “Carats” of Gold, and each version has a different level of tinting, so that some add a hint of gold, while the stronger ones tint your image significantly in a golden colour. Each “carat” or version has a number of “strengths”. There are three strengths of each version, “lite”, “medium” and “strong” and each of these has two versions, one with a vignette and one without a vignette. A number of modifiers are also included so that you can easily tweak settings such as vignettes and grain with a single click. There are also a number of pre-built grad effects included also.

Landscape Gold is another one of my presets that originally started life on Aperture. Because of the differences between each application, the Lightroom version of Landscape Gold is not exactly the same as the Aperture version, but is an inspiration based on it. The original Aperture version was designed around a single look, and the Lightroom version is a much broader set.

Here are some examples of Landscape Gold for Lightroom in action:




NYC Skyline at Sunset, North East

Lake in the park

Lonley Rock




Church Ruins in Glendalough


Riverboat and Customs house



Red door on a brown brick house

Yellow leaf on fallen leaves

Brown and Orange leaves against the warm Autumn Sun

You can see more samples on the product page

I also created a video showing some before and after demos of the presets in action:

Landscape gold is available now. The normal price will be €10 but for the first week it will be on a special launch price of only €8. You can find out more details on the product page.

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Vivid Extreme for Lightroom – New Lightroom Presets now Available

I’m delighted to announce that my latest set of develop module presets for Lightroom, “Vivid Extreme” is now available. Vivid Extreme was one of the first set of presets that I had originally made and put on sale for Aperture and I’ve finally brought out a Lightroom version. The idea behind Vivid Extreme is simple. Take the idea of the typical “Vivid” settings in most cameras and push it to the Extreme. I wanted to create a look that wasn’t so much a throwback to the days of film, but instead embraced modern digital imaging. I also wanted to emulate the “high saturation” look that is popular among some artists.

Vivid Extreme comes with a variety of different looks. They were named after the types of images that I was optimising them for when I was developing them, although they will all work reasonably well on different types of images, so the names are more like code-names! The looks also vary in strength for creating degrees of vividness! In some ways, with this set, I was trying to achieve with colour what monolith did for black and white. The pack also includes a set of “Setup” presets designed to set a few things up depending on your camera manufacturer and help speed up your workflow. I’ve also included a set of modifiers, vignettes and a few graduated filters to help bring out punchy skies.

Vivid Extreme is a more focussed and smaller pack than my previous ones, and it doesn’t include the elaborate “Thomas’s Toolbox” so it’s cheaper. It will be €10 but I’m having a special launch sale, so you you can get it for the next two weeks for €8.

Rather than waffle on about it, let me show you what it can do. Here are some examples of Vivid Extreme in use, followed by a “Before and After” video so you can see just how much of an effect it’s having. For more examples see the preset details in the store.





_DSC0125 (2)

_DSC0160 (1)


_DSC0016 (2)

_DSC0012 (2)

_DSC0059 (2)

_DSC0086 1


A Lone Red Tulip


Before and After:

There are lost more sample images and more details over on the product page.

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Monolith for Lightroom Now Available

After some very long hours in front of the computer, I’m happy to announce that Monolith for Lightroom is now available. Monolith is the latest of my Preset Packs to be ported from its previous Aperture incarnation over to Lightroom. As the name might imply, Monolith is a set of presets for creating black and white images in Lightroom. Monolith includes 14 Main looks, each with 4 variations, along with 3 Special effect presets and 22 Tool Presets which work as modifiers to the main presets. The Black and White looks vary from High Contrast looks to faded black and white looks to very low contrast faded looks. Some of the presets include gradients as part of the presets to darken skies, and are designed with Landscapes in mind. Monolith 12 is designed to emphasise flesh tones by making them whiter and to stand out against other colours which will be darker. I’m actually really proud of how it came out. There’s also 3 special effect presets for that “leave colour” effect, so for example, to make everything monochrome but the reds.

Despite what some bloggers out there would have you believe, creating presets for sale is not as straightforward as just changing a few sliders. You have to make sure that they’ll work with a wide variety of images and that each one doesn’t contain any un-necessary adjustments. I’ve put hours of testing and tweaking into Monolith for Lightroom and writing the documentation and getting before and after demos and videos alone took nearly 24 hours of work. The result though was worth it. If nothing else I have a great set of Black and White presets for myself! Anyway, rather than waffle on, here’s a selection of images processed with Monolith. It’s available now on the Store. The normal price will be €15 but as it’s a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland there’ll be a special launch price of €10 until Mat 12th.





A Cycle tour stops to examine the docklands







New York City Junction from Above at night

I’ve also created a demo video to show before and after examples:

Monolith is available now from the Store!

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Film Candy for Lightroom Now Available

Film Candy Lightroom Presets by Thomas Fitzgerald

After over a year of going back and forth trying to port my Film Candy presets to Lightroom, I’m delighted to say that they’re finally available. Film candy for Lightroom is a set of Develop Module that I designed to create a stylised image based on the look of expired and instant film. It was originally inspired by the popularity of plastic cameras that became popular and the smart phone apps that followed. Unlike some other presents however, film candy is not designed to try and emulate old and used film, or even the smartphone filters that have become popular. Instead, Film candy is an artistic interpretation of those effects. Rather than try to emulate film, it is instead “inspired” by various film looks.

Film Candy for Lightroom also includes my own personal “Toolbox”. This is a collection of presets that I’ve accumulated over the years that allow me to make quick common adjustments with a single click. So, for example, I have three different vignette settings that can be applied quickly, as well as a selection of Gradients for things like darkening skies, or brightening the bottom of the frame. I use these tools every day in my Lightroom work and so I think they’re a great set of utilities to have.

Film Candy was originally developed for Aperture, and there have been three versions. I’ve been getting requests for some time to port them to Lightroom, and it turned out to be more difficult than I first thought, however I think the result was worth the wait. The original Aperture versions were small preset packs containing a few presets each. Film Candy for Lightroom combines styles from all three of the original Aperture versions, and creates similar looks for Lightroom. Unfortunately though, because of the differences in both applications, it’s not possible to get the looks exact, and so they are instead based on the same ideas rather than exact duplicates. The Lightroom version also contains the ToolBox that isn’t in the Aperture Version. Incidentally, I’m also working on porting Quick Lux and Monolith to Lightroom too.



Georgian Buildings - White Chocolate

The Docklands On A Summer Morning




Plain Chocolate

Marshmallow Soft Vignete

By the way, If you’re wondering what the name is all about, it started as kind of a joke, It was the idea of candy you get when you go to the movies. As development progressed I started using various types of sweets (as we call candy here in Europe!) as codenamed for the various presets I was working on, and the idea stuck. Thus “Film Candy” was born.

Film Candy for Lightroom is available now for €15 (including Vat). It’s a little bit more expensive than the original Aperture versions, but it’s a much large set and is more like all three versions combined, and it includes the toolbox as well.