Lightroom Presets, Photoshop tools and E-Books

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Featured Products


  • SilverLUX-Box

    SilverLUX for Capture One: Black and White Styles

    8.13 ( 8.13 Excl. VAT)
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  • Lightroom Presets free Sample Pack

    Lightroom Presets Sample Pack

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  • Monochrome Lightroom Preset Bundle Box

    Black and White Lightroom Preset Bundle

    Sale! 16.26 14.63 ( 14.63 Excl. VAT)
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  • F-Variations 2 - Free Lightroom Presets for Fuji Users

    F-Variations 2 – Free Lightroom Presets for Fuji X Users

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  • t-pan-lightroom-Box

    T-PAN for Lightroom

    6.50 ( 6.50 Excl. VAT)
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  • Processing Sony A6000 Raw Files in Lightroom. Workflow and Settings Guide

    Processing Sony A6000 Raw files in Lightroom: Workflow and Settings Guide

    4.07 ( 4.07 Excl. VAT)
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  • F-Variations - Free Lightroom Presets for Fuji X Users

    F-Variations – Free Lightroom Presets for Fuji X Users

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  • Lightroom Presets Complete Collection - 2016

    Lightroom Presets – Collection 2016

    65.04 ( 65.04 Excl. VAT)
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  • Lightroom Presets by Thomas Fitzgerald - Bundle 2

    Lightroom Presets Bundle 2

    36.59 ( 36.59 Excl. VAT)
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  • FilmLUX for Lightroom - Lightroom Presets

    FilmLUX for Lightroom – Lightroom Presets

    Sale! 8.13 6.10 ( 6.10 Excl. VAT)
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  • Free X-Trans Sharpening Presets for Lightroom

    Free Fuji X-Trans Sharpening Presets for Lightroom

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  • Processing X-Trans images in IRidient Developer

    Processing X-Trans Images in Iridient Developer – eBook

    4.07 ( 4.07 Excl. VAT)
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Photography E-Books & Lightroom Presets


The store features original Lightroom Presets and Photography E-Books, designed by Thomas Fitzgerald Photography. Thomas’s Lightroom presets include a range of creative black and white effects, faux film looks and vintage photographic styles. The Store also features a series of e-book guides for working with Fujifilm X-Trans files.

Lightroom Presets

Thomas has a range of Lightroom Presets available. Lightroom Presets are a collection of settings for Lightroom, to be used in the develop module to give your images a creative look. Each of the preset packs was designed by Thomas, and they are all sets that have come from looks that uses himself on his own projects. The Lightroom preset packs are designed for various different creative styles, and have been inspired by various different looks, including film and black and white effects. All our packs are digital downloads and include comprehensive read-me files. You can see more details about how Thomas goes about creating presets here.

Fuji X-Trans Post Processing Guides

Thomas is an expert in photography post production, and he has a series of guide books to help you get the most from post processing files from Fujifilm’s X-series of cameras, including the X-Pro1, the X-T1 and the X100 series. These guide books, available as PDF e-books will show you how optimise your workflow for a specific application to get the most from your cameras raw files. There are guides for Lightroom, Capture One and Iridient Developer.


For any queries about our products, how to purchase and for a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, please visit the store’s help centre, or use the help button below to send a message.

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