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Capture One Fuji Guide – Errata & Updates

After publishing a new guide, occasionally a few typos and errors are spotted and these will be corrected in the next version. This also includes any minor changes that I plan to make based on feedback. Also, I like to provide several updates to guides over the life of the eBook and so I will outline any changes or things that are scheduled to be added in a future version in-between revisions. With that in mind, this page will outline any changes, typos etc found and planned for fixing in my Capture One Fuji Guide.

This page will be updated regularly when new information is available and so on. If you find a typo or have a suggestion for changes, please use the form below to submit. (I will not be able to respond personally to these, but I will read and catalogue them for future edits)

Current Version

1.0 released on July 12th 2019

Errata (Typos & Mistakes)

  • On page 12, “The next largest size” should be 2880 and not 3840

Updates scheduled for next version

  • In the current guide it may give the impression that it is only for X-Trans images, but the advice equally applies to Fuji cameras with a standard Beyer sensor, such as the GFX series or the Fuji XA series. I will make this clearer in the next version.
  • In the sharpening and noise reduction sections, I will add an alternative option for defaults, that will be slightly cleaner for those who prefer less background noise, even at the expense of fine detail.

Let me know about a typo or mistake…