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Making some of my Capture One Styles and eBooks available via Gumroad

When I announced that I was closing my store earlier this month I was blown away by the support from everyone who reads the blog, and those who have bought content from me in the past. Since it closed, I’ve had lots of requests from people who still wanted to get some of my eBooks or Styles and Presets. So, I’m trying out Gumroad to make some of these available.

I’m only testing this out at the moment, so I’ve only put up a few products so far. If it goes well, I’ll try and make more of my presets and styles available.

Why Gumroad?

The reason I decided to try Gumroad, is that they take care of the VAT and other potential sales tax issues. Technically, they’re selling my product, and giving me the commission. This has both its upside and downside. They charge a fee (obviously) so I have to increase my prices a little. I also have less control over the storefront and the way the customer receives products, notifications etc. However, it’s considerably easier and less stress than running your own eCommerce server. They also have some niceties, like allowing you to download your purchase straight to Dropbox.

What products are you making available?

To start with I’m making my two most popular Capture One styles available, as well as my Capture One Fuji Guide. As I said, this is only a test, so I want to start with just a couple of items to make sure its working, and customers get a good experience. Here’s what’s available so far:

I am not making my Fuji Jpeg guide available as it is out of date, and the Lightroom guide and X-Transformer guides also need updating. As for my other Capture One Styles, I need to make some updates to SilverLUX and then I will put that up as well. I’m not sure about Alpine, as it was kind of a specialist product, and so I may discontinue that, or roll it into a future release.

As for my Lightroom presets, I haven’t decided about those yet. The Lightroom preset market is fairly saturated, so I’m not sure there’s much point. I sold very little of those anyway.

Send me feedback

You can see my Gumroad page here. If you do buy anything, I would really appreciate some feedback as to the process and if it works out ok. You can also sign up to be notified when I post new products there too (it’s their mailing list though, not mine).

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Important Notice: Closing My Store

This isn’t a decision I have taken lightly, but I have decided to close my digital download store. I will cease selling content on Thursday, September 10th. The website will remain online until the end of September to allow anyone who may have made purchases to download and back them up. After that, the store will be taken offline.

Why am I doing this

There are two main reasons that I am doing this. The first is that due to the pandemic, sales have fallen off a cliff. This is entirely understandable, given the global situation. Running an online store costs quite a bit of money, and since March of this year, the drop off has been substantial. It has become no longer economically viable for me to keep it open. At this point, it costs me more to keep it online than I’m making from it, and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

The second reason is that because of changes in global taxation rules for digital downloads, it’s becoming a minefield for individuals like myself to sell digital downloads in this way. Ever since the EU enacted its “Vatmoss” system, more and more countries have been adding their own digital tax laws, and these have become impossible to navigate and manage. There are services which will do this for you, but they are very expensive. And so, this is the second, but equally important reason I have decided to shut down.

Will there be any closing down offers?

Yes, I am offering 50% off all final sales for the last few months. You can use the following voucher at the checkout to get 50% off: closingdown2020

What will happen to your eBooks and Presets?

For the moment, they will be unavailable after September the 10th. I may look at alternative measures to make them available in the future, but this won’t be until next year at the earliest. There are some systems such as gumroad, which take care of everything for you, and I may look at this in the future, but for now, I need to scale back and regroup as it were. For future eBooks, if I decide to release any more, I will do it through Kindle and iBooks, rather than release them myself. I will still be offering downloads for Patreon members.

There will be no further updates to any of my current eBooks. If I do release future versions, they will be new editions and will be substantially different, and new ebooks. They will also be released through Kindle or iBooks, as mentioned above, but I have not made any decisions about this yet.

The help centre website will also be shutting down. This is currently run on zendesk, and it’s another cost that I can’t justify, given that there are only a handful of users using this.

What about your customer data and privacy.

When I completely shut down the website, all personal data will be permanently erased. The only thing that will be kept will be the minimum necessary information about sales to comply with local government accounting and taxation regulations. All other data will be erased, and the database removed permanently from the servers.

What about your blog?

I will continue to write my blog and continue to cover the same kinds of subjects. I still love photography, and I’m not abandoning it by any means. I am just going back to doing motion graphics as my primary business, and that will support photography. I will have another post about this soon.

I have however shut down the Streets of Dublin website, but that had almost no traffic as I hadn’t been actively supporting that project in a while.

What about the Newsletters?

I will also be stopping both newsletters: the one for my blog and the store newsletter. The reason for this is that it costs money to maintain these, and I’m just not using these enough to justify the cost. For those who rely on these, I apologise, but there are plenty of other ways to get regular updates, including RSS, Twitter and Facebook.

Anything else?

As I said at the start, this wasn’t a decision that I took lightly. I have been mulling over this for several months. I’m sure this might be disappointing for some people, especially as I won’t be doing further updates. Still, it’s no longer remotely practical or even possible to continue to keep my store online. At the end of the day, I’m just a single individual, and I have to earn a living. It’s no longer practical or possible for me to put in the effort and costs that would be needed to keep my store open, nor is it viable as a way to make a living. I sincerely appreciate the support everyone who has bought products from my store over the years, and I’m sad to see it go, but unfortunately, its time has come.

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Important Note: Bug Discovered in One of my Free Capture One Styles. Free Style Pack no longer available.

If anyone has my Free Capture One Style Pack bundle, someone just let me know of a potential problem with one of the styles. When I was making them, I may have left some of my metadata stored in one of the individual styles. If you have these, please delete the file QTransCap1-02.costyle and don’t use it, as it may overwrite some of your metadata. I have taken the files offline and removed them from the store.

I’m really embarrassed by this, and I removed the download and posted this notice the second I was made aware of the issue. This was an innocent mistake caused during the creation of the presets and was the result of a checkbox ticked that shouldn’t have been. While these styles were given away for free, this is still not acceptable on my part. This was also kind of a bug in Capture One that previously stored metadata with styles by default, and required you to uncheck the option every time you created a new one. That has since been fixed but it’s kind of crazy that Capture One lets this information be stored in style files, to begin with.

I sincerely apologise for this mistake. If you had downloaded these, please delete this file as soon as possible. If you have used this individual style in the past, please check your metadata on any image that it may have been applied to.

If you have any questions you can contact me directly through the support page.

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T-Pan and T-Neg Sample Packs now Available

T-Pan and T-Neg For Capture One Film Like Style Packs

Just a quick note. I have updated my T-Pan and T-Neg product pages on my store to include a downloadable sample pack of the styles. Because it can be hard for people to judge whether the styles are for you or not, I wanted people to be able to try them out in a little way for each pack, and so the samples each contain one “film” for each of the styles (and the associated variations). You will find the sample packs in the description sections of the product pages.

If you haven’t seen these before, T-Pan is my black and white film-like style pack for Capture One, and T-Neg is my Colour Film-like style pack. Both T-Neg and T-Pan are also currently on sale, so if you are looking for some film like Style packs for Capture One, check them out now.

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About my Ebooks and Future Upgrades

Fuji X-Trans Processing Guides

I have a number of eBooks on this store, and every now and then, I do try and provide free updates where appropriate. I have also in the past released paid new or different editions of these books, much like one would for a printed book. In this post, I want to clarify which versions are due an upgrade, which will be getting a new edition, and which books will no longer be upgraded.

Before I get to the individual guides, I just want to quickly outline how I go about the decisions for these. If the software that these guides refer to have been updated with minor changes that require a change to some advice in the guide, then I will release an update. If there are significant changes, then I will release a new edition. If a guide is getting old and I feel that some of the information is out of date, I will also release a new edition. Some of my older guides are no longer being updated as I no longer feel the audience is there for them, or the subject matter hasn’t changed significantly and is no longer something I feel is relevant.

Processing Fuji X-Trans Files with Iridient X-Transformer and Lightroom

Current Version: Guide Version 1.6

This is currently up to date with all relevant information. Future updates to this guide will depend on new versions of the software being released with new or changed features. I don’t force a major change to this that would require a second edition, so for the foreseeable future, this will continue to receive free updates.

Processing Sony A6000 Raw files in Lightroom: Workflow and Settings Guide

This guide has been discontinued and will no longer be updated, but I’m keeping it on sale as a few people still occasionally request it. The price has been reduced to reflect this.

Processing X-Trans Images in Iridient Developer – eBook

This guide has been discontinued and will no longer be updated, but I’m keeping it on sale as a few people still occasionally request it. The price has been reduced to reflect this.

Workflow and Settings For Processing Fuji X-Trans images in Lightroom – eBook Guide

Current Version: Guide Version 1.8

This will receive one more minor update (estimated time frame is May to June 2020) to reflect a recent change in the way Lightroom handles setting defaults. After that, I will be working on the second edition of this guide, which will be a paid update.

Fuji Jpegs: Shooting and Processing Guide – eBook

Current Version: Guide Version 1.2

This is edition will no longer receive free updates, but a second edition will be released at some point in the future. As Fuji has changed a few important functions in their newest cameras, it will require a significant re-write of some of this guide to support these. With that in mind, until I can source one of these cameras, I have no timeframe for an update to this guide, but I would hope to get it done by the end of this year. With the current global situation though, this may take longer.

Processing Fuji Raw files in Capture One 12 or Capture One 20

Current Version 1.1

This is my newest guide and will continue to receive free updates for the foreseeable future. If there are significant changes in a future version of Capture One I may decide to do a new edition, but it is not planned for any time in the near future.

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Fuji Capture One Guide Updated with Support For Capture One 20

Fuji Capture One guide Hero Image

I’ve updated my Fuji Capture One guide to include preliminary support for Capture One 20. If you are a Fuji shooter using Capture One, the new version of my eBook now contains support for both Capture One 12 and Capture One 20.

There are actually only a few things that you need to know regarding version 20 that are different from the previous edition, and so, I’ve added these as options where appropriate. The biggest change regards the new redesigned HDR tool, as this affects the instructions in the guide about matching the shadow and highlight tone options, and the in camera dynamic range. I wanted to keep compatibility with Capture One 12 as well, so if you haven’t updated the software, the guide is still compatible.

In addition to adding preliminary support for Capture One 20, the update also fixes some typos, and adds language to indicate that the advice in the guide book also applies to the non-X-trans cameras, such as Fuji’s medium format GFX series, or the XA series. This brings the version number of the guide to 1.1. Note: The supplied presets have not been changed, so if you have already installed these from a previous version of the guide, you don’t need to re-install.

If you already own the guide, the update is free and is available now from your account. If you’re unsure how to re-download your previous purchases, you can find out how on this support article.

For new users, there will be a small price increase in January, but for now, I’ve put it on sale at the original price. The book covers how to get the best results when using Capture One with Fuji raw files, and covers things like sharpening, noise reduction, setting Fuji film simulation modes and so on. You can find out more about the Fuji Capture One guide on my digital download store.

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Important Note: Discontinuing Some Older Lightroom Presets

At the end of the year, I will be discontinuing some of my older Lightroom Presets. As some of my older presets were designed for much older versions of Lightroom, and as they no longer really sell, I will be discontinuing these at the end of the year. It is part of an effort to clean up some of the older items on my store, and I am planning to have new sets of Lightroom Presets in the new year, which are updated with all the current features of Lightroom.

The Preset Packs being discontinued are:

  • Film Candy 1 & 2
  • Vivid Extreme
  • Steely Blue
  • Landscape Gold
  • Quick LUX 1 & 2
  • Bleached Bronze
  • Coffee Tones

In the meantime, if you have any of these Lightroom Presets, please make sure to either re-download and back up the presets, or make a backup copy from your Lightroom Presets folder.

Why are you doing this?

As Lightroom has evolved considerably since these came out, I’m no longer fully happy with how these work in the current versions of Lightroom, and I believe they are starting o look dated. I also want to unify all of the different versions of presets that I have and these were created using the older format.

Beginning in January, I will be releasing some new and updated presets, with newer looks and designed for the current versions of Lightroom.

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Capture One Style Pack Sale

For the rest of November I’m having a special Autumn sale on all of my Capture One Style Packs. The normal price fo €15 has been dropped to €10 for the rest of November (until the 2nd December 2019) so you can get the styles for a third off the regular price.

All four of my style packs have been reduced for this Autumn sale, and if you’re worried about compatibility, they will all work with Capture One 20 when it is released. The Style packs available are as follows:

  1. T-Pan for Capture One: Black and White Film Like Styles
  2. T-Neg for Capture One: Colour Film Styles
  3. Alpine for Capture One: A Special style pack designed for forest and mountain imagery
  4. SilverLUX for Capture One: Creative Black and White Styles

And don’t forget, I also have a free eBook on managing and working with Styes and Presets in Capture One and it’s available free on my store too. For more details, see the Capture One section on my Digital Download Store.

Please note that prices may vary depending on your location and local VAT rate.

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About my Capture One Fuji Guide and Capture One 20

Fuji Capture One guide Hero Image

With Phase One having already announced Capture One 20, I wanted to just update you on what is happening with my current Capture One Fuji Guide. The guide, which was launched relatively recently, is currently written for Capture One 12.

I intend to release a free update to the guide to support Capture One 20 as soon as possible after the release of the software. It will be a little tricky as not everyone intends to update, and I don’t want to have to have two versions, so I plan to include any potential changes in the book while still covering the instructions for version 12 users also. I think this is the fairest option.

There are a few other updates planned too for the guide, so it makes sense to roll in the changes now. I don’t expect much of the information to needs to change for 20, but as it’s not out yet, it’s not something that I can discuss at this stage. I aim to launch it within a month of Capture One 20 being released.

Anyway, the bottom line is, if you get the guide now, or have already bought it, don’t worry, I will have you covered for Capture One 20. It will be a free update to the guide.

In the mean time, just a reminder to those who may not have bought Capture One already, but are interested, if you buy any version of 12 now, you will get a free upgrade to Capture One 20 also.

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Alpine for Capture One and T-Neg for Capture One Updated with Simplified Installer

I’ve released a minor update to two of my Capture One style packs in order to simplify the installation process. Previously they needed to be manually installed which was a bit of a chore, but now they can be installed simply by double clicking on a file.

Both Alpine for Capture One and T-Neg for Capture One have been updated. SilverLUX has not been updated with this new installer yet, as it is a little more complicated but it should be soon. If you have already bought either of these, and have installed them, you don’t need to re-install, as it only affects the installation process, but if you need to re-download in the future, this should make things a lot easier.

If you haven’t already bought either of these, they’re both on sale now for €12.50 (Local prices may vary depending on your local vat rate)

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The Difference between SilverLux and T-Pan – My two black and white Style Packs for Capture One

With the launch of T-Pan for Capture One this week, I now have two style packs available for the software. The other being SilverLUX. I had a couple of questions from customers and readers over the past few days as to the difference between T-Pan and SilverLUX, and so, here is a quick breakdown of the differences between the two Style Packs.

SilverLUX was designed to be more of an effect. It has a wide range of looks, some of which are quite high contrast. The official blur says: “There are a variety of monochrome styles included, with looks ranging from the traditional black and white film look, to a more high contrast rich black ink look”. When I was creating theses, the goal was to try and capture the broad range of monochrome styles that were popular on various online photo sharing sites, from popular photographers.

T-Pan on the other hand is specifically designed to look like film. T-Pan was originally designed for Lightroom, and T-Pan for Capture One was a port of the Lightroom Presets. I had used actual scanned film, specifically Fuji Neopan and Illford XP2 as my inspiration when creating these, although they’re not an exact emulation, but more of an inspiration. They are less contrasty and more of a rich tonality, trying to capture as much as possible of the feel of analogue film.

To give you an idea of the differences, here is the same image in a selection of styles. First, here it is with 2 styles from SilverLUX

Street Scene from Cambridge UK - Processed using Silver LUX style pack for Capture One
Street Scene from Cambridge UK - Processed using Silver LUX style pack for Capture One

And then two styles from T-Pan

Street Scene from Cambridge UK - Processed using T-PAN style pack for Capture One
Street Scene from Cambridge UK - Processed using T-PAN style pack for Capture One

I hope that makes it a bit clearer for those wondering how they compare.