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Making some of my Capture One Styles and eBooks available via Gumroad

When I announced that I was closing my store earlier this month I was blown away by the support from everyone who reads the blog, and those who have bought content from me in the past. Since it closed, I’ve had lots of requests from people who still wanted to get some of my eBooks or Styles and Presets. So, I’m trying out Gumroad to make some of these available.

I’m only testing this out at the moment, so I’ve only put up a few products so far. If it goes well, I’ll try and make more of my presets and styles available.

Why Gumroad?

The reason I decided to try Gumroad, is that they take care of the VAT and other potential sales tax issues. Technically, they’re selling my product, and giving me the commission. This has both its upside and downside. They charge a fee (obviously) so I have to increase my prices a little. I also have less control over the storefront and the way the customer receives products, notifications etc. However, it’s considerably easier and less stress than running your own eCommerce server. They also have some niceties, like allowing you to download your purchase straight to Dropbox.

What products are you making available?

To start with I’m making my two most popular Capture One styles available, as well as my Capture One Fuji Guide. As I said, this is only a test, so I want to start with just a couple of items to make sure its working, and customers get a good experience. Here’s what’s available so far:

I am not making my Fuji Jpeg guide available as it is out of date, and the Lightroom guide and X-Transformer guides also need updating. As for my other Capture One Styles, I need to make some updates to SilverLUX and then I will put that up as well. I’m not sure about Alpine, as it was kind of a specialist product, and so I may discontinue that, or roll it into a future release.

As for my Lightroom presets, I haven’t decided about those yet. The Lightroom preset market is fairly saturated, so I’m not sure there’s much point. I sold very little of those anyway.

Send me feedback

You can see my Gumroad page here. If you do buy anything, I would really appreciate some feedback as to the process and if it works out ok. You can also sign up to be notified when I post new products there too (it’s their mailing list though, not mine).

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