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Important Note: Bug Discovered in One of my Free Capture One Styles. Free Style Pack no longer available.

If anyone has my Free Capture One Style Pack bundle, someone just let me know of a potential problem with one of the styles. When I was making them, I may have left some of my metadata stored in one of the individual styles. If you have these, please delete the file QTransCap1-02.costyle and don’t use it, as it may overwrite some of your metadata. I have taken the files offline and removed them from the store.

I’m really embarrassed by this, and I removed the download and posted this notice the second I was made aware of the issue. This was an innocent mistake caused during the creation of the presets and was the result of a checkbox ticked that shouldn’t have been. While these styles were given away for free, this is still not acceptable on my part. This was also kind of a bug in Capture One that previously stored metadata with styles by default, and required you to uncheck the option every time you created a new one. That has since been fixed but it’s kind of crazy that Capture One lets this information be stored in style files, to begin with.

I sincerely apologise for this mistake. If you had downloaded these, please delete this file as soon as possible. If you have used this individual style in the past, please check your metadata on any image that it may have been applied to.

If you have any questions you can contact me directly through the support page.

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