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About my Capture One Fuji Guide and Capture One 20

Fuji Capture One guide Hero Image

With Phase One having already announced Capture One 20, I wanted to just update you on what is happening with my current Capture One Fuji Guide. The guide, which was launched relatively recently, is currently written for Capture One 12.

I intend to release a free update to the guide to support Capture One 20 as soon as possible after the release of the software. It will be a little tricky as not everyone intends to update, and I don’t want to have to have two versions, so I plan to include any potential changes in the book while still covering the instructions for version 12 users also. I think this is the fairest option.

There are a few other updates planned too for the guide, so it makes sense to roll in the changes now. I don’t expect much of the information to needs to change for 20, but as it’s not out yet, it’s not something that I can discuss at this stage. I aim to launch it within a month of Capture One 20 being released.

Anyway, the bottom line is, if you get the guide now, or have already bought it, don’t worry, I will have you covered for Capture One 20. It will be a free update to the guide.

In the mean time, just a reminder to those who may not have bought Capture One already, but are interested, if you buy any version of 12 now, you will get a free upgrade to Capture One 20 also.

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