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My Fuji Jpeg Guide Updated

Cover of Fuji Jpeg - Shooting and Processing Guide

I’ve just released an updated version of my Fuji Jpeg book. This is a relatively minor update, and is focussed on fixing the language in some places, as well as updating the references mentioned in it to reflect things that have changed since the guide was first written, such as the arrival of newer Fuji cameras, changes to Lightroom etc. the new version number is 1.2, and you can find a complete list of changes below.

This updated version is free to any customer who had bought the previous version of this guide, or the X-Trans Lightroom Bundle which also contained this guide. You can find it in the downloads section under “my account” on the store. If you need help, I have a support document here explaining how to get updates.

One of the biggest changes in this release is based on feedback from a few readers. In the original version of this I had used my X-Pro 2 as an example of how I shoot. While I had tried to make sure that it was clear that this was just an example, some readers felt that it was too much like an “X-Pro2 Guide” rather than a generic Jpeg guide. In order to avoid such confusion in the future, I have significantly reduced the number of references to any specific camera and changed the language to make it more generic.

Also, a big thanks to my Patreon supporters who helped me decide which cover to use.

Changes in Version 1.2

  • Added Reference to Eterna
  • Updated One of the Recipes to use Eterna as an alternative
  • Clarified some of the language around grain in Acros based on feedback
  • Reduced specific mentions of the X-Pro 2 to avoid confusion based on reader feedback.
  • Cleaned up text and changed some of the language used throughout
  • Removed reference to VSCO presets (as they are discontinued) and changed it to more generic language
  • Updated references to version of Lightroom based on their newer titles
  • Updated installation instructions for Lightroom Presets
  • Updated support links
  • Removed outdated links
  • Added a link to my YouTube video explaining shadow and Highlight tone options
  • Removed reference to X-Raw studio being Mac Only
  • New Cover – Chosen by Patreon Supporters

Important information for those updating:

If you don’t see the updated version in your account please make sure you had bought the previous version before contacting support. This is only free to those who had bought the previous edition of this book.

As I have several Fuji guides, there can be some confusion when I issue updates, as people may not be aware as to which guide they had previously bought. This guide is entitled “Fuji Jpegs: Shooting and Processing Guide”. If you don’t see it in your previous orders, then you may have bought a different book instead. If you have bought the Fuji X-Trans Lightroom Bundle, you will also get this updated guide.