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Store Problems

I have had to temporarily disable sales on my online store as a technical problem has occurred that is affecting payment processing. I am working with the server administrators in my hosting company to resolve the issue, but in order to prevent any problems with customer purchases I am disabling sales until I can find a solution. I am also putting backup plan into place should this take too long to resolve.

If anyone is trying to purchase anything from the store, please accept my apologies. I hope to have it back functioning properly within 48 hours, or have an alternative option online by then. This is a total pain, and it’s as much an inconvenience for me as it is to potential customers. I am seriously considering moving away from WooCommerce once and for all. I have had major issues with it in the past, but for the past year or so it’s been stable. This current current came completely out of the blue.

If you are a current customer rest assured this doesn’t affect your data in anyway. It’s only affecting payment processing. Basically the payment gateways are not connecting to the store properly. If you need to re-download existing purchases you still can without any problems. I’ll update it you when this issue is resolved.

[UPDATE] This appears to be resolved. It seems as if it was a rogue plug-in update. If you notice any issues please let me know.