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Updated Fuji X-Trans Lightroom Guide Now Available

I have just updated my Fuji X-Trans Lightroom guide with some significant changes. I’m calling it “version 1.5” and it contains some updated information, including some notes on processing 24mp X-Trans files, such as those from the X-Pro 2. I also tried to incorporate as much of the feedback and questions that I’ve received since the initial release. I also used the opportunity of releasing an updated edition to make some other changes and include some additional detail. If you had previously purchased this guide, the updated version is available for free to download from your account.

I’ve re-formatted the book slightly, and cleaned up a bit of the structure and language in a few places. The old guide was just a flat document, but the new edition has been structured into chapters to make it easier to navigate. I’ve also changed the format from A4 to US Letter.

While this may seem like a weird choice as A4 is the standard here in Europe, there are actually a couple of reasons for doing this. First of all, despite the fact that I’m based in Ireland, the majority of customers are from the US. Secondly, the US Letter format makes it easier to re-purpose into other versions. I’m working on releasing an iBooks Store (and possibly a Kindle) version and it requires the original to be in US letter. Finally, US Letter is a better fit when displayed on an iPad.

Based on the feedback from customers I’m changing the way it is delivered too. I had previously included the book and presets in a single .zip file download. A few people have pointed out that this makes difficult to download directly on an iPad, and so I’m going to supply the Book as a PDF with a separate download for the presets. This means that you can load the book right onto an iPad directly form your account page.

Finally, the book now contains a breakdown of the supplied presets. Quite a few readers have requested this, and so I’ve included it as an appendix at the back of the guide.

Here is a list of some of the things that have changed or been added to the updated version since the first edition:

  1. Increased the number of pages from 30 to 48
  2. The book is now formatted for US letter as opposed to A4. this is because the majority of customers for this book have been from the US. Also, a US letter format is closer to the display ratio on most tablets, such as the iPad. You can still print it on A4 without any problems, just choose “Scale to fit” on your printer.
  3. Re-formatted the book to be broken down into chapters. This makes the guide more structured, easier to follow, and easier to refer to specific sections.
  4. Added a section on 24mp X-Trans cameras, such a the X-Pro 2 and X-T2
  5. Added a section on matching the in-camera Shadow and Highlight tone options.
  6. Added a section on dealing with moiré in Lightroom
  7. Added a section on shooting and creating HDR images.
  8. Added a section on advanced colour fringing correction.
  9. Added an appendix with a detailed breakdown of the supplied presets.

How to update

If you had previously purchased the guide, you will find the new version in your account on my Digital download store. To get the update simply go to your downloads page and you will find a link. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the “My Account” page on the store.
  2. Log In
  3. On the side bar set of links, click on “Downloads”
  4. Locate the files from the list of available downloads and click download.

To update the presets from the old ones, simply follow the instructions in the guide, and when your computer asks you do you want to replace the files, click ok. Alternatively just copy the additional preset folders over. (The existing ones from version 1 haven’t changed)

Some useful support documents

If you are having trouble downloading the updated guide please see the FAQ on the help centre for help. The most common problems are answered there. Here are a few specific Tech Notes that may be of help: