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Two New Preset Bundles now Available

I’ve added two new bundles of Lightroom Preset packs to the store. Previously I had created a bundle of my first 6 presets, and I’ve been waiting till I had another 6 to do a second bundle. Well, with the recent release of FilmLUX I now had another 6 Lightroom Preset packs, and so I’ve created another Bundle.

The not so subtly named “Lightroom Presets Bundle 2” is a collection of my 6 most recent presets.These include

  • QuickLUX 2
  • MonoLUX
  • FilmLUX
  • BleachedBronze
  • CoffeeTones
  • Film Candy 2

The bundle is on sale now for €45 (which offers a saving over buying them all separately) but to make it even better, for the rest of August, it’s on sale for just €35

I wanted to make things even easier for new customers who may be interested in my Lightroom Presets, and so I’ve created a bundle of the bundles, so to speak.

Called “Lightroom Presets – Complete Collection 2016” (another catchy title) this contains all of my Lightroom Preset packs to date. The bundle contains all 12 of my current Lightroom Preset packs and is priced at €80, which is a saving of €20 over buying the other two bundles separately.

Again, this is on sale for just €70 at the moment. This is a pretty good bargain. You’re saving nearly €40 over buying them all separately.

Both of these bundles are available now in my Digital Download store.