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Using my E-books on an iPad

Using my e-books on an iPAd

Using my e-books on an iPAd

All of my e-books are supplied as PDFs which can be read on an iPad. However, because some either contain additional files (such as presets) or may contain additional files in future versions, they are supplied as a Zip file. In order to read them on your iPad, you will need to download them to your computer first, and then copy the PDF file to your iPad.

Why are the books supplied as Zip files?

Two of my current line of E-books are supplied as Zip files. These are the Lightroom and Iridient Developer X-Trans processing guides. In the case of the Lightroom guide, this contains additional content in the form of Lightroom presets.

In the case of the Iridient Developer guide, I plan to supply additional bonus content soon in a future version. By zipping the file now, it makes it easier for existing customers to download the updates in the future because you will be able to use the existing link that you got by email as well as logging into your account on the store for updates.

Getting the books onto an iPad via iBooks

If you’re using the current version of Mac OS X, iOS and iBooks then the easiest way to get the books onto your iPad is via iBooks. If you have the iBooks in iCloud feature enabled (which it is by default in the latest versions) then all you have to do is the following

  1. Download the file from the store via the email you received or your account page.
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Copy the PDF to the iBooks application on your Mac.
  4. This should then sync via iCloud to your iPad

If you’re using an older version of iBooks which doesn’t have the iCloud library enabled, you will need to add it to iBooks on your mac and sync manually.

Alternative methods

If you don’t want to use iBooks on the mac there are many other ways to get your book onto your iPad. Here are some options:

  1. Via iCloud Drive. Copy the PDF to your iCloud drive, and then on your iCloud drive app on your iOS device, simply open the PDF. To add it to iBoos from iCloud drive, tap and hold on the PDF file, and choose Share. Then from the share menu, choose the option to “Copy to iBooks”.
  2. Via DropBox. Copy the PDF file to a folder in your DropBox folder. Then using the DropBox iOS app, locate the PDF and open it. You can also add it to iBoos from the DropBox app.

Download Directly to your iPad

If you want to download directly to your iPad, then you can do this. However, because iOS doesn’t directly support zip files, you will need to download an app from the App store. There are many options available which support opening of zip files and many are free.

I have personally tested WinZip and this works fine. Once you install WinZip when you click on the link from your account page, you should get the option to open it in WinZip. This will unzip the file, and you can then open the PDF in iBooks on your device.

To add it to iBooks from WinZip, Open the PDF and then click on the Share icon at the top right of the screen. Then tap on the open in icon from the sheet that pops up from the bottom of the screen. From there choose “Copy to iBooks”.

This is all very complicated, can I not just have the PDF?

If you’re still having trouble, then send me a support request, with your order details and I’ll send you a link so that you can download the PDF version. I know this is a bit complicated, and I realise that it’s kind of a pain, but I am looking for additional ways to make this process easier in the future too.