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Important Store Updates


In order to help create an even better experience on the store, I’ve made some behind the scenes changes to improve the functions on the store. The biggest of which is that I’ve added a second payment processor. I’ve had many requests for this, and so you can now make payments directly by credit card using via Stripe, rather than PayPal.

Stripe Payments

I’ve had a number requests from people who do not like or want to use PayPal to add an alternate payment processor to the store. To that end, the store will now accept payments directly by credit card via Stripe. Stripe is a reputable payment processor, and is the chosen provider for SquareSpace commerce and a number of other premium services.

You can pay by credit card directly in the checkout using the Strip payment option. Note that we still do not store credit cards on the site, and all payment processing is handled on Stripes servers.

For more information on Stripe see their website.

Additional Security

I’ve always taken security seriously on the store. Your payment information has never been stored on our server and we’ve always taken steps to ensure that our back end is kept up to date and has additional security software in place to protect the data on the server.

Now that I’m adding a second payment processor, I’ve also added additional security throughout the store. The entire store is now securely accessed through https, not just the checkout phase. While the credit card entry for the stripe checkout is integrated directly into our checkout page, as mentioned above, we still do not store or handle your credit card information. It will be handled by Stipe’s secure servers, and we never have access to that information.

If you have any questions see the FAQ page for more details.

More to Come

I’m committed to improving the experience even further. In the future I have plans to improve the design, making it easier to use. I also plan to offer additional member benefits for existing customers. I’m also going to offer more tutorials for previous customers, such as how to get the best from our presets and more.