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Film Candy 2 for Lightroom now Available

I’m delighted to announce that the newest set of presets is now on sale. Film Candy 2 has been a labour of love for the past year, and I’m really happy to finally make it available.

Like the first pack, Film Candy 2 is a set of Lightroom presets designed to give your digital images a look as if they had been shot on old or creatively processed film. Rather than try to emulate specific stocks or processes, Film Candy 2 is an artistic impression of various looks, which I have created over the past year, all by hand. The effects cover a range of traditional styles normally associated with shooting film as well as original interpretations of vintage film looks. The presets cover styles from faded tinted effects, to presets with a more film like contrast, and even some creative desaturated looks.





The Film Candy 2 comes in three main parts. The fist is a set of “set-up” presets, designed to set your images to the correct profile based on your camera, and also to set some common settings such as turning on chromatic aberration reduction and automatic lens correction. The second is the main Film Candy 2 presets themselves. This consists of 40 presets for creating the various effects and styles of film candy. Finally the third part is another folder of presets called “Grad Grain and Vignette”. This contains a number of presets designed to add various grain effects, graduated filters and vignettes.

Film Candy 2 is available now for €20. You can see the full details of the preset pack on the product page, including a full list of the included presets and lots of examples of Film Candy 2 in use.