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Steely Blue and Monolith now available for ACR

Ever since I’ve started releasing presets for Lightroom, I’ve been getting requests for Photoshop ACR versions. I’ve been promising people for a long time that I would release Camera Raw compatible presets, and so I’m delighted to announce that my first sets are now available! The first two sets that I’ve ported to ACR are my two most popular: Monolith and Steely Blue. Depending on the demand, I’ll look at porting the rest of the sets in the coming weeks.

The ACR versions work with Adobe’s camera raw plug in for Photoshop. They do work best when used with raw files, but they will work with Jpeg and Tiffs too. One of the other advantages of having the presets available in ACR is that they can be used on Photoshop Layers using the “Edit with Camera Raw” function in Photoshop CC.


Because Lightroom and ACR share the same architecture, the presets give the same look across platforms. There are a few differences between the Lightroom and the ACR versions however. The Camera Raw versions do not include any of the Grad tools or the Radial Vignettes (created using the radial tool) that are in the Lightroom versions. The reason for this is because that, while the Adobe Camera Raw tool has both the linear and radial gradient tool included, you cannot save them as part of a preset. There are separate presets for these tools, but to include those specialist presets would make instillation very difficult and significantly decrease the usability of the presets.


Also, the ACR version of Monolith does not include the separate “Thomas Tools” presets that are included in the Lightroom Versions. Because many of the tools are based on the gradient filter, it would have been messy to try and implement in Camera Raw. Monolith for ACR is less expensive to reflect this.

The system requirements for both versions state that the minimum requirement is Photoshop CC. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, some of the Setup Presets in steely blue use camera profiles that were only added recently. Secondly, because I’m only a small one man operation, I don’t have the resources to support multiple legacy versions of software, so I can only maintain the current release (and the previous one if you count CC2014). Technically the presets should work with CS6 as well, but I can’t support that, and so I have to set the requirements at CC.


Both presets are available now in the Photoshop section of the store.